MORITZ ZDEKAUER 1810 s.r.o. 

Závodu míru 891, 360 17 Karlovy Vary

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History of Porcelain Factory

History of Porcelain Factory in Stará Role

Operated by limited liability company


The factory in Stará Role near Karlovy Vary was founded in October 1810, when the current owner of the porcelain plant in Dalovice, Benedict Haßlacher, purchased land on the left bank of the Rolava river to build a mass mill, two buildings and one round furnace and to establish a pottery manufacture there.

In 1824 the factory was purchased by the Prague businessman Augustin Nowotný, who relocated the plant on the right bank of the Rolava river and extended the manufacture. He soon employed 100 workers and sold his produce from warehouses in Prague, Vienna and Pest.

Nowotný was able to timely estimate that prosperity of the plant could not solely rely on pottery and therefore in 1836 launched porcelain manufacture in the factory.

The present significance and scope of the manufacture is the result of the contribution by Emanuel Nowotný, who extended the plant further. In 1870 the factory employed 800 people.

In 1880s the porcelain factory became victim of a crisis and was purchased in an auction in 1884 by Moritz Zdekauer Bank in Prague. The new owner managed to restore export abilities of the plant and began to supply the goods to North and South Americas, to the Dutch market and to Dutch colonies.

In 1909 the factory was taken over by the German porcelain concern C. M. Hutschenreuter. The German concern wisely utilised market awareness of the production brand marked with initials "MZ“ and preserved the continuity in the following years. The brand marked with a crowned eagle and initials MZ has been used until the present.

After World War II, in October 1945, the porcelain factory was nationalised. Several reorganisations followed, culminating in 1958 by incorporation into the national establishment Carlsbad Porcelain.

In November 1992 the factory was privatised by the joint-stock company Starorolský porcelán Moritz Zdekauer, a. s., which continued to produce porcelain under the make of a crowned eagle with initials MZ. As a consequence of the global crisis the company was forced to wind up in early 2013.

Since June 2013 the porcelain tradition has been continued by the limited liability company Bohemia porcelán Moritz Zdekauer 1810 s.r.o., who purchase the assets and the trademarks from the wound up joint-stock company Starorolský porcelán Moritz Zdekauer, a.s. without any production interruption.

To satisfy customers from all over the world the manufacturing programme of the company now includes several complete porcelain shape sets for use in hotels and restaurants, several shapes of utility porcelain for households and several types of decorative porcelain for exclusive shape seeking customers.

Each shape may be enriched with a wide range of attractive décors from simple colour décors to opulent patterns including platinum and gold. For full satisfaction of its customers the company periodically extends the offer of porcelain shapes with new products in a wide range of attractive décors.

The traditional brand featuring a crowned eagle with stretched wings and initials "MZ " is used for marking the Stará Role porcelain still today.