MORITZ ZDEKAUER 1810 s.r.o. 

Závodu míru 891, 360 17 Karlovy Vary

IČ: 291 10 475

tel.:  +420 353 412 111
        +420 353 449 445
fax.: +420 353 412 453

About the company

The porcelain factory in Karlovy Vary – Stará Role has a long history.

It was founded back in 1810. Carrying an eagle with a royal crown and the initials MZ of its former owner as its mark, the company produces a broad range of porcelain products.

Today the company specialises in the production of porcelain tableware for household use, hotel and restaurant porcelain. The company offers further decorative porcelain for customers interested in exclusive porcelain designs. As a part of the production programme, there is a series of special additional products.

The company strategy has been to meet the most demanding requirements of its customers and has been engaged in the development and production of a range of goods suitable for heavy duty conditions in hotel, restaurant and spa facilities for many years. It is of course possible to use the porcelain ware in microwave ovens and dishwashers.

Each of these designs may be enriched with the customer's interesting collection of decorations, ranging from simple coloured patterns to very splendid decorations containing platinum and gold. To ensure they keep their customers satisfied, the company regularly adds new products with a variety of decorations to the existing porcelain designs.

All of the porcelain forms created by the company are regularly represented each year at the international Fair Ambiente Frankfurt am Main trade fair.

The company philosophy has been to satisfy a wide range of customers and to contribute to creating an ideal home environment for all ages so that their everyday dining becomes a pleasant experience.